The Contract

The Contract
Series: Wedding Dress Promise, Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel - 251 Pages
ISBN: 9780993782435
Now running a B & B on the family farm, Hayley Spencer is land rich and cash poor. In desperation, she signs a one year exclusive contract with gazillionaire Sam Morgan to look after his convulsing father. She can do that. But when Sam starts showing up at the B & B every weekend himself, well, that's a whole other kind of looking after she's just not prepared to taken on... Read all 4 of THE WEDDING DRESS PROMISE SERIES
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About the Book

The last of the wedding dress promise girls, painter Hayley Spencer is still alone, still vulnerable, and living back on the family farm. Cash poor and land rich, she opens a Bed and Breakfast, hoping for the best.

Sneaking into the exclusive Annual Victoria Tradeshow to promote her new Laurel Valley B & B up island lands Hayley in a world of lies and subterfuge. She also experiences the most daring and romantic night of her life. Unfortunately, this embarrassing life choice follows her home and she finds herself signing a one year contract to cater exclusively to one very rich client and his frail father for one year.

Jaded gazillionaire Sam Morgan flies his helicopter up from the city into Laurel Valley every weekend to stay with his recovering father, who is blossoming under Hayley’s care. The fact that his shy, tender-hearted hostess is extremely agreeable to look at has nothing to do with his eagerness to get back to the farm each week. This is all about his father, right?

But there are reasons these two are still alone, and it’s all about past betrayals and trust. Their tussles are at times intense and heartbreaking, other times laugh-out-loud hilarious, and always lead them back to the undeniable truth – Sam and Hayley together could be magic. Can they get out of their own way and let it happen?

Peek inside the Laurel Valley B & B and fall in love with the people living there. You’ll be glad you did.



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