No Regrets

No Regrets
Series: Wedding Dress Promise, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel - 232 Pages
ASIN: 1502990059
ISBN: 9781502990051
When fate forces free-spirited Goth-girl Darby Walker to convalesce at staid widower Joe MacKinnon's ranch, everyone is in for a wild ride. After a crazy, dramatic, and comical summer with the MacKinnons, Darby must face her worst nightmare to save the family she's fallen in love with. Read all 4 of THE WEDDING DRESS PROMISE SERIES
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About the Book

Joe MacKinnon knows he's playing with fire and he isn't the only person who could be burned if he doesn't get this right. If he has any brains, he'd let Darby walk away, but apparently he doesn't have brains. In fact, his decision making skills have come into question every day since Darby burst into his family's lives. How does this woman, this near replica of his dead wife, Nadine, fit?

Darby is the tough one of her group of friends, the self sufficient one who treads her own path and answers to no one; the one who wears her quote of the day on her T-shirts and follows ‘the signs' that life shows her while she builds her reputation as a nature photographer. No one knows what drives Darby and that suits her just fine. Her past is her past, and nobody's business …

So why is she stuck in hokey little Brennan's Point playing nanny to a rebellious teenage boy who hates the very sight of her and a six-year-old cutie who can wring your heart dry with a glance, while their widowed father hovers nearby in  bewilderment?

Soon Darby seems to have her fingers in every pie in town, her quirky ideas enlivening everyone around her. Yes, she’s funny and a little off the wall but she makes things happen. Change can be good, but Darby’s changes tend to be messy, with straight-laced Joe performing the necessary clean-up duties on a semi-regular bases. Still, they make it work – Joe’s edges begin to soften and Darby’s sense of belonging blossoms.

When Darby’s version of rescue reveals long held family secrets, Joe and Darby must face the truth of their feelings. Just as they think all is settled, fate plays her trump card and throws them into the terrifying real reason they have come together here in Brennan’s Point. Can Darby overcome her personal terrors to rescue the ones she now loves?



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