Two Heartwarming Series

Wedding Dress Promise Series

Poet, Oregon Series

Wedding Dress Promise Series

Four Friends. One Promise.

Four lonely girls meet in art school, and forge a bond long missing in their lives. They become the family who has your back when you need it most. Then one day they find the most perfect, most beautiful wedding grown they'd ever imagined ….

I love the stories of women's friendships. Where would we be without our girlfriends to see us through the ups and downs of life? Someone to bring us hot soup when we're sick, listen to us complain by the hour about our boss, go out to a party with us because there'll be a cute guy there and we don't want to appear too interested.

These are the friends we keep.

Darby, Laura, Maggie and Hayley are these kinds of friends, and what they get up to is…. well, you'll have to read all about it! I hope you grow to love these girls as I have.

Will they meet a man worthy of them? Will he be the man of their dreams? Will they get their happily-ever-after and wear the dress? Why not read on and find out…












Poet is a small town on the Oregon coast with suburban spread, strip malls and big box stores that are killing its downtown core. Fledgling designer Jenna Cassidy blows into town driving a thousand-dollar special packed to the roof with everything she owns along with her dog Lola, the deed to a derelict downtown brownstone in the run-down neighborhood of Hummingbird Place and a dream.

So begins the restoration of Poet, one building at a time, starting with Jenna’s brownstone. It's one wild ride, full of twists and turns!

Come on down, meet the neighbors, learn their stories, see how their lives are touched and changed forever by the irrepressible Jenna Cassidy.







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