Writer’s Resources

Writing is an art, a skill, and a passion. It takes a lifetime to perfect, but the great thing is, anyone can pick up a pen and create a compelling story.  I'm guessing, since you're here on the writer's resources page, that you have a few writer questions. That's cool. I love writing and I love sharing what I have learned.

Think of writing as an even playing field, with standing invitations out for anyone to participate, no matter their skill set or experience. All you need to do is show up on game day with the desire to write, an open mind and willing heart.

Here are some tools you can copy for free.  These are excerpts from my book The Complete Boot Camp for Fiction Writers – All the Tools You Need to Write Your Novel.


!!Complete Boot Camp For Fiction Writers FRONT mlClick for: The Best Heroes and Villains 

Click for: Writer's Math:  Yeah, I know, you don’t like math …

Click for: A Surprise in Every Scene

Click for: Resisting the Genre ‘label’

Click for: Where They Nest, Shows Them Best