Workshops in a Box Library

girl writing white backgroundWelcome Writers!

Is this you, plugging away at your writing, your brain filled with Ideas and Characters and Plots-twists that will dazzle your readers?

Me too!

I just know you are eager to expand your knowledge and skills – aren't we all? I also know that courses and retreats and writers conventions can be pricey. Not just the events themselves, but the cost of travel, accommodations, meals, taxis. It can be prohibitive, to say the least, but you so want to learn! I have a solution. Why not take your courses here, on-line and at your own pace, selecting the subjects you are interested in, the subjects you feel will advance your skills or solve a personal writing bugaboo you know your have?

This is what this Workshop in a Box Library is for – people like you who want to learn at home, and at their own pace.

The upcoming Workshops in a Box are listed below.

Level One: Skills Builder Series:

  1. Brainstorm Skill Builder-Lock in Your Ideas
  2. Plotting Skills Builder-Create Your Story Map
  3. Punctuation Skill Builder-What You NEED to Know
  4. Dialogue Skill Builder-Make it Breath
  5. A Place of Your Own-Where the Magic Happens

Level Two: Story Apprentice Series:

  1. Creating Cast and Characters apprenticeship-Building People Readers Care About (Currently free! Go grab it!)
  2. Dynamic Opens apprenticeship-Irresistible Hooks and Inciting Incidents
  3. Seamless Blending apprenticeship-Hiding Necessary Description and Facts Inside Exciting Action
  4. Creating Emotion apprenticeship-Where to Find it and How to Maintain it
  5. Write a Page-Turner apprenticeship-How to Build Heart-Stopping Cliff-Hangers
  6. Make it Matter More apprenticeship-The Secret to Making it Personal

Level Three: Story Journeyman Series:

  1. Plot Levels Journeymanship-Teaching Plots A, B and C to play nice
  2. Pacing Journeymanship-Speed and slow pacing for dramatic and emotional effect
  3. When You ‘Hit that Wall' Journeymanship-The Cure for Your Mushy Middle
  4. Spice it Up Journeymanship-Salting Your Story for Maximum Effect
  5. Drama Journeymanship-Tricks to Up Intensity in Any Scene
  6. Theme Journeymanship-Why You Discover Theme and Don't Insert Theme
  7. Editing Journeymanship-Editing Your Work from Raw to Polished

Level Four: Genre Writing Series:

  1. Writing Memoir
  2. Writing Romance
  3. Writing Mystery
  4. Writing Sci Fi and Fantasy
  5. Writing for Specific Age Groups

Level Five: The Business of Writing:

  1. Your Business-Creating an EBook and a Paper Book
  2. Your Business-All About Books Covers, Front to Back
  3. Your Business-Publishing Decisions and the Steps Involved
  4. Your Business-Your Writer's Face Book Page
  5. Your Business-Your Website, and Yes You Need One
  6. Your Business-How to Build a Writing Career