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I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here on my site.

I have my foot planted firmly into two camps, that of writer and mentor.



Camp One: Author

Here I am, Ronnie Roberts, author, offering my romantic, “Sigh – Wish this was me” stories to my readers. These are fun stories, that come with quirky characters, a dash of angst, a sprinkling of suspense, some laugh-out-loud situations, and the odd, unexpected “aw' moment — with a twist! What  all these stories have in common is  lots of heart.

The heroes are yummy, funny, heroic, and well worthy of my heroines.

My heroines? I'd ‘friend' on Facebook in a heartbeat! 

Camp Two: Teacher

Here I am Ronnie Roberts, writer, mentor, wanting to give back to fiction writers, as other writers have helped me along in my journey. I took a break from my fiction to write Boot Camp for Fiction Writers: All The Tools You Need to Write Your Novel. Available at: 

Come to and dig in. Lots of free writers tips and tricks waiting for you.

If you've ever dream of writing a book, Boot Camp for Fiction Writers is a great place to start.

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