Wedding Dress Promise – Boxed Set

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Wedding Dress Promise – Boxed Set

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Four Friends. One Promise. Four lonely girls meet in art school, and over four years forge a bond long missing in their lives. They become a family; a family that has your back when you need it most. What happens when they all strike out into the world, on their own they can't even imagine....
About the Book

I love the stories of women's friendships. Where would we be without our girlfriends to see us through the ups and downs of life? Someone to bring us hot soup when we're sick, listen to us complain by the hour about our boss, go out to a party with us because there'll be a cute guy there and we don't want to appear too interested. These are the friends we keep.

Darby, Laura, Maggie and Hayley are these kinds of friends, and what they get up to is…. well, you'll have to read all about it! I hope you grow to love these girls as I have.

Book 1: No Regrets
On Darby's first day in Brennan's Point to take pictures, she almost runs over Joe MacKinnon's runaway son, totaling her camper in the process. Fate has other plans for Darby—scary ones …

Book 2: After the Party
What starts as a kidnapping at a company party turns into undercover investigating for Laura Winthrop—with hunky Dean D'Angelo by her side. Surprisingly, she’s good at it—until someone tries to kill her …

Book 3: The Wish List
Maggie’s story this time. What if for a lark, you came up with a man wish-list, which your friend, Darby then published in the personal column in the local paper? You'd kill her, right? If only it were that easy …

Book 4: The Contract
Racked with guilt over beggaring the family farm to buy her way out of trouble, Hayley signs a year-long exclusive contract with gazil lionaire, Sam Morgan. Is she being released from one trap and stepping into another?

Series: Wedding Dress Promise Series, Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
ISBN: 9780993782473
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