The Wish List

The Wish List
Series: Wedding Dress Promise Series, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel - 251 Pages
ISBN: 9780993782428
When Darby publishes Maggie's "Man Wish List" in the local paper's personal column, Maggie finds herself being escorted by her hunky neighbor, Quinn Carter to meet her prospective "matches". What a disaster; a disaster Quinn is thoroughly enjoying. Instead of romance, Maggie finds herself a stalker and nobody's laughing anymore.
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About the Book

Quinn Carter and Maggie Claire live in neighboring seaside cottages just outside of the sleepy coastal town of Laurel  Valley on Vancouver Island. The natural beauty of the place and isolation suits them, but for very different reasons.

Okay, so Quinn Carter is hiding out in his seaside cottage on Vancouver Island; he'll admit that much, at least to himself. The good news – no one from New York knows he's here, giving him lots of time to heal, regain his strength and decide his next move. Escorting his crazy neighbor, Maggie Clair on a series of blind dates isn't exactly the move he'd had in mind.

It was her friend Darby's fault – she was the one who'd placed the ad in the personal columns in the first place …  Who does that now-a-days?

Free-spirited Maggie Claire, rescuer of strays, healers of wounds, computer-age Luddite, and unabashed lover of B & G's Chunky-Monkey ice-cream obviously is in need of a man – badly. Why else would she agree to a twelve dates in twelve nights dating marathon, with the getting-hunkier-everyday Quinn Carter escorting her? And why was Quinn becoming grumpier with each date? Sheesh!

What starts out as a lark for the unlikely pair turns deadly, forcing both Quinn and Maggie out of their reclusive comfort zones and into the cold world of prime waterfront property, dirty tricks, and murder for hire.


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