Nailed It

Nailed It
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Series: Poet Oregon, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2017
Length: Novel - 279 pages
ISBN: 9780995802568
Katie Cassidy and Noel Basinger have a history - of hating each other. Nobody's fault; it started a year ago; they just... Yeah, they hate each other. Now Katie's in trouble for hiding a battered wife from her rich husband. Oh, and for punching that guy down by the soup kitchen for scaring away the patrons. Yes, Katie is a bundle of trouble, an attractive bundle, but trouble nevertheless and now for the princely sum of 70 cents Noel finds himself representing her in court. Ironic. And that's only the beginning... Once Katie's broken into your life, she'd there to stay.
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About the Book

Katie Cassidy is the free-wheeling and incurable optimist owner of Nailed It.
When you're searching for that hard to find, perfect shade of lipstick, have a secret wish, need a fresh start, or an embarrassing personal item—wholesale (!)—Nailed It, is where you go. Katie seems to pull out the perfect solution almost every time. Perfect, that is, until she refuses to reveal the whereabouts of a millionaire's missing and abused wife and son.

A buttoned-down pessimist, Noel Basinger has become an increasingly cynical lawyer, now just going through the motions. When he witnesses the annoying Katie’s latest drama, this one public and humiliating, he surprises himself by riding to the rescue—yes Katie Cassidy is off-the-wall crazy and a pain in the butt, but she’s his pain in the butt. He just doesn’t yet realize the wild ride he’s just signed up for.

Now add the First Annual Poet Wilderness Challenge into the mix. No, these two are not partners for the five day challenge — at least not yet, and certainly not willingly. Alas, life has other plans for Katie and Noel. Five days out in the Oregon wilderness with your worst enemy? You just can't make this stuff up….

So what do clandestine dental visits, smoked trout, killer nails, yellow duct tape and a mysterious masked woman have in common? Katie Cassidy and Noel Basinger are the who. The really interesting part is the why and how.

Read Book Three of the Poet Oregon Series.

Maybe with chocolate. Maybe with Kleenex …


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