Caroline Explains

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Caroline Explains

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Confirmed bachelor Ace Townsend is the last keeper of the Townsend House Rules flame: No marriage and absolutely no children. Surviving his own childhood was reason to enough to believe nothing good could come from his gene pool.
About the Book

Ace is the confirmed bachelor enjoying his lady’s man reputation.
Caroline is the agoraphobic widow he lent his country home to.
Piper is the silent little girl just dropped off at Ace’s doorstep.
Gloria is the grandmother, playing dirty to gain custody of Piper.
Noel Is Ace’s lawyer with the bright idea Ace and Caroline should marry.
Katie is Ace’s assistant who knows Noel is an idiot.
Judge Rathbone is the guy who’s ruling has everyone’s jaw on the floor.
Now What?
Think you know how things will turn out?
Think again …

Series: Poet Oregon Series, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780993782480
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