After the Party

After the Party
Series: Wedding Dress Promise, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pajama Therapy Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Novel - 284 Pages
ISBN: 9780993782411
Sculptor Laura Winthrop’s life is literally hijack at a company party, pairing her with hunky reporter Dean D'Angelo in an undercover operation at her own company that's both fun and dangerous. And surprise, surprise - she's good at it! What she doesn't know is Dean's secret .... Read all 4 of THE WEDDING DRESS PROMISE SERIES
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About the Book

Laura Winthrop made a promise to her dying sister to work with her smarmy brother-in-law, Richard, a definite hold-your-nose experience, until her niece Holly could take her rightful place at Saunders’ Industries. That promise is about to be fulfilled, with Laura finally free to return to her tiny private island up the coast to pursue the life of a sculptor she always dreamed of.

Just a few short months to go… And this dreary retirement party to attend…

Dean D’Angelo is an award-winning investigative reporter using the retirement party to slip in to get the dirt on Saunders’ industries, dirt he hopes will prove their defective equipment caused several deaths, one of which he can never forgive… He plans to bring Saunders to its knees; the more spectacular the fall, the better.

But first he must to pretend to kidnap Laura Winthrop and convince her to help him.

After spending some significant time hiding together in a closet (that smells like feet – so romantic!) in order to search for clues after the party, Laura learns the ugly truth about Richard’s dealings at Saunders. She hooks up with Dean to expose Richard before it’s too late.

And so begins Laura and Dean’s unlikely undercover partnership. This involves passing themselves off as lovers, elaborate disguises, beachside clambakes, emergency room visits, midnight swims, Chinese take-out, steamy windows… and sleepovers.

With each new reveal, Laura is more horrified by what has been happening at Saunders right under her nose and more impressed with Dean. What she doesn’t know is Dean has secrets of his own. They may be playing on the same team, but is Dean is working for a different side. Can their burgeoning feelings for one another survive the betrayal coming their way?

Slide into this warm, sexy and fun tug-of-war between cool Laura Winthrop and adventure-seeking Dean D’Angelo and see if you don’t fall just a little bit in love with Dean yourself.

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