About Ronnie

Ronnie has lived in Europe, in Australia and all across Canada, has visited Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, the United States. All wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) experiences she brings to her writing. She is now firmly ensconced in Northern British Columbia, Canada with no intension of leaving the most beautiful place on earth anytime soon.

Ronnie divides her time between two homes: One beside a golf course (she does not golf!) the other  an off-the-grid cabin in the woods. In the fall of each year she returns to civilization with a freshly written book under her arm only to be totally flummoxed by what has occurred in the world in her absence. 

She’s been happily married since the dawn of time … And has three children and five grandchildren, all of whom are brilliant human beings.

And four fur-babies….

About Ronnie

Ronnie has been asked repeatedly from where she unearthed the new book she reveals each fall.

Other writers want to know her source – which tree, which bush do they grow under? She isn’t telling where in the forest she mines her treasures, but we suspect woodland fairies may be involved …